A Loan Officer Career

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Helping Loan Officers Make Moves That Matter

We’re taking a tech-forward, people-first approach to create seamless experiences for our loan officers and borrowers alike. Grow your loan officer career at Hixon Mortgage Company. 

Helping Loan Officers Make Moves That Matter

What It Takes To Be One Of The Best Mortgage Lenders in Oregon

We started Hixon Mortgage Company because we wanted to do things differently. For us, that meant more personalized lending, a more comprehensive range of mortgage products, and an unprecedented level of service. And high-quality service starts with recruiting the best loan officers.

We support our team by providing the resources, tools, and business environment you need to serve your clients. But it’s just as important that these tools serve you. We want you to have the resources you need to be more productive in less time, so that your loan officer career supports your life and hobbies instead of replacing them. 

Embracing diversity, celebrating uniqueness, creating community.

We’ve found that people are at their best when they’re fully empowered to be themselves. We’re not your typical suit-and-tie, polish your shoes every morning type of financial institution. Instead, we’re building a company culture that’s built on authentic, genuine connection. 


Tech-Forward. People-First.

At Hixon, we think technology should be a tool to support stronger human connections. ​​That means giving our loan officers access to a full tech stack of time-saving tools so that you can provide great service and still maintain work-life balance.

Why Hixon?


Full tech stack. Clients can easily submit applications and securely upload documents using our time-saving technology, which streamlines and simplifies the lending process. 



Productivity boosters. Leverage the latest and greatest CRM or connect with clients through Homebot to provide better, more personalized service. 



A seat at the table. We’ve got the same tools as a corporate mortgage lender, but we’re a boutique shop located in the PNW. Our LOs are helping shape the future of Hixon.



Your free time. Great service shouldn’t have to come at the expense of good work-life balance. Full stop. We’ve created a business model that lets you stay productive without sacrificing your “you” time. 

Ready to start? Let’s make moves.

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Jillian Koland

Mortgage Advisor

NLMS: 1974534

Hixon Lending NMLS: 2302397

Licensed In: OR