A Lending Partner That Works With You

In today’s competitive market, you need a lending partner that doesn’t just match your level of service but strives to exceed it. We can help you provide an exceptional lending experience that your clients won’t find anywhere else.

A Lending Partner That Works With You
Scale Your Operation. Grow Your Business.

Scale Your Operation. Grow Your Business.

The unfortunate truth? Mortgage professionals spend more time buried in the loan process than they dedicate to scaling their operations and growing their business. This is where a dedicated lending partner like Hixon Mortgage Company can help. Our team has the tools, resources, and expertise you need to operate more efficiently.

Why Partner with Hixon?

Hixon provides the team you need to implement a strategy to grow your business. When you partner with Hixon, you’ll spend less time down in the weeds of the loan process and more time building connections and generating sales.

What Sets Hixon Apart

Hixon is a team of people-people, problem solvers, and PNW-loving lending experts. We’re a local mortgage company with a team that lives and works in the communities we serve.

Diverse mortgage options

Hixon is a lending company that puts people first, plain and simple. For us, that means personalized lending and a range of mortgage products for all sorts of homebuyers. We’re well-versed in working with buyers that have challenging credit situations or unique financial needs.

Homebuyer education

For many potential homebuyers, financing a home can be daunting. However, we believe knowledge is power, and the best decisions are informed decisions. We prepare homebuyers with a plan, timeline, and strategy to keep them in the know throughout the process.

Customer service

You need a lending partner who can exceed your customer service expectations. We’re here to raise the bar when it comes to being the most accessible, authentic, and responsive mortgage company around. 

True partnership

To us, you’re more than another transaction. We go out of our way to truly connect with our realtor partners. As a result, we’re widely known and respected because of our reputation and performance in the local real estate community.

A Proud Pahlisch Preferred Lender

We’re thrilled to be a part of the growing, thriving Pahlisch Homes community. As the northwest’s leading developer and custom home builder, Pahlisch shares our belief that no two home buyers have the same situation. We love leveraging our tech, tools, and expertise to provide tailored lending that meets the needs of future homeowners across the Pacific Northwest.

A Proud Pahlisch
Preferred Lender

Lending That Puts People First

Your lending team should be responsible for educating clients about how getting preapproved might affect them. After all, rates may fluctuate daily (or even by the hour). But our commitment to service never waivers. You can’t put a price on getting an offer accepted in this market, all while receiving excellent customer service and ensuring a timely closing. 

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Still have questions?

The Hixon team is here to help. Whether you’re using our interactive cost evaluation tool or need to connect with a team member one-on-one, we want to make sure you get the answers you need at every touchpoint.